Electric water heater

Producer of electric water heater Stainless steel – inox – electric water heater 110 Volt monophase and 208 Volt three-phase electric water heaters in US standarts Electric water heater, 	instant electric water heater for industrial use

  Product Description


Solareks Monophase Electric boiler is designed to be used in houses and small enterprises where hot water consumption is between 90-300 l/ hour. Monophase Electric boiler can work simultaneously or separately with two types of energy:

1-   Electric energy

2-   Energy of solid/fuel/gas central heating system, solar energy, heat pump energy, waste energy

Product can be connected to central heating system easily. In summer season when the central heating of the building is turned off water can be heated by electricity or solar energy. In winter time water can be heated by solid/fuel/gas central heating system, heat pump, waste energy. During winter season electricity consumption of the building will be decreased.

Temperature of water can be set by a user at the desired value (electric energy only). Water Heater heats water automatically and keeps it hot and ready for use in an insulated tank.

To be well informed about hot water generating capacities of the products check our catalogues please.



100 L – 160 L – 200 L – 250 L – 300 L – 400 L – 450 L – 500 L

  Product Usage Areas

Solareks Monophase Electric Boiler is designed for usage in areas where there is no three- phase electricity and where electricity is expensive. Water can be heated by the serpentine tubes inside the tank using central heating system of the building or solar energy system, heat pump system or waste energy. Some usage areas are listed below:

-          Houses

-          Restaurants

-          Sport Centers

-          Small enterprises

The electricity consumption of three-phase electric water heater is lower than of monophase electric water heater in situation where a compensator is used in the building. 

  Comfort & Quality & Trust

Quality: Our products are designed after a long study in engineering, heat transfer and pressure vessels. Goods are made at the highest technical level in accordance with electrical safety. Our export is proof of our quality.

Comfort: All products are designed according to the users' needs and requirements in order to provide maximum comfort.

Trust: Solareks goods comply with the world standards. Our products are presented in foreign countries (3 continents/23 countries) and domestic market under Solareks assurance.

  Technical Specifications

-          Product can be used with the capacity of % 50 in order to save energy

-          Each electric heating element can be turned off/on separately

-          Overheating thermostat: boiler is automatically operated by the thermostat

-          Water temperature can be adjusted in range: 30°C to 90 °C

-          Electric heating power range: 4-14 kW

-          High-performance removable copper serpentine tubes (heating coil)

-          Pressure safety valve

-          P&T Valve (additional)

-          Mixing Valve (additional)

-          Cathodic protection element

-          316 L / 316 Ti Stainless steel electric heating element (optional)

-          Silicon cable

-          Flanged connection (additional)

-         Polyurethane insulation

-          Secondary containment tank against leaking water (additional)

-          Extra wall hanging equipment (additional)

Monophase electric boiler

Wood box

  Inner Tank Material

Inner tank is produced by two kinds of steel:
A-   Black carbon steel, tank is hot dip galvanized after welding process
B-   304 L or 316 L quality stainless steel (inox)

  Coating material

White painted metal plates (standard)
Photo covered body (additional)
Brushed stainless steel outer body (additional)

  Electrical Specifications

Products are produced in accordance with main electrical standards in every country.
Example: Monophase, 50 - 60 Hertz,
100V/110V/115V/120V/125V/127/200V/202V/220V/230V/240V/250 Volt


A-   Hot Dip Galvanized Tank Model: 2 years

B-  Stainless Steel Tank Model: 5 years

Electrical Equipment: 2 years

    Monophase electric boiler  
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